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The Basketbol Süper Ligi (BSL) is the top-tier level pre-eminent professional men's club basketball league in Turkey. In English, it is known as the Turkish Basketball Super League (Turkish: Türkiye Basketbol Süper Ligi). The league was previously known as the Turkish Basketball League (TBL).

There is also a second-tier level Turkish Basketball First League (TBL) with 18 teams, and since 2011, a third-tier level Turkish Basketball Second League (TB2L), with the teams divided into two groups.

The BSL replaced the Turkish Basketball Championship, which was the league's predecessor.

According to official records, in Turkey, basketball was first played in 1904, at Robert College. An American physical education teacher laid the foundations of the sport in the country. 7 years later, Ahmet Robenson, a physical education teacher at Galatasaray High School, decided to introduce a new game to the students in 1911. Robenson, who also later became a Galatasaray S.K. president, popularized this sport in Turkey.

Until late 1966, local basketball competitions were being held in major cities like Istanbul (which hosted the Istanbul League), Ankara, and İzmir. There was also the former Turkish Championship, which existed from 1946 to 1966.

The current Turkish top-tier level national league was founded in 1966, by the Turkish Basketball Federation, and began with the 1966–67 season, and it thus replaced those earlier competitions. The Turkish second tier level league, the TBL (previously known as the TB2L), was also founded three years later, in 1969.

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