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The Categoría Primera A (Spanish pronunciation: [kateɣoˈɾi.a pɾiˈmeɾa ˈa]), commonly referred to as Liga Águila due to sponsorship by brewery company Bavaria (manufacturer of Águila beer), is a Colombian professional league for association football clubs. It is the country's premier football tournament and sits at the top of the Colombian football league system. The league was ranked 11th by the IFFHS in its list "The Strongest National League in The World 2015", being the third best in South America.

A total of twenty clubs compete in the league's regular season. División Mayor del Fútbol Profesional Colombiano, better known as DIMAYOR, operates the league system of promotion and relegation for both Categoría Primera A and Categoría Primera B leagues. Since its founding in 1948, fourteen teams have been crowned as Colombian football champions. The most successful club is Atlético Nacional with 16 titles.

In 1968 the league followed the pattern common in South America by splitting into two separate competitions per season, the Apertura (February to June) and the Finalización (July to December). During the 1980s saw the emergence of América de Cali as they won 5 consecutive championships and so far are the only ones who have done it. In 1991 a second division was added to the first with a third, now defunct. The Copa Colombia appeared in 1950 although this knockout competition was only contested from time to time until 2008 when it became an annual tournament. Since 2002 the Apertura and Finalización tournaments became separate with each having their own champion, which meant two champions per year. Since that change Atlético Nacional of Medellín have dominated the league, in the 2007 season they would become the first and only club to win both the Apertura and Finalización tournaments, they would repeat this in the 2013 season as well.

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