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The Süper Lig (Turkish pronunciation: [ˈsypɛɾ liɟ], Super League) is a Turkish professional league for association football clubs. It is the top-flight of the Turkish football league system. Eighteen clubs compete annually, where a champion is decided and three clubs are promoted and relegated from, and to, the 1. Lig. The season runs from August to May, with each club playing 34 matches. Matches are played Friday through Monday.

The competition was initially established as the Millî Lig (National League) in 1959, the first professional national league competition held in Turkey. Previously, league competitions took place in a few cities, including Adana, Ankara, Eskişehir, Istanbul, Izmir, Kayseri, and Trabzon. The league succeeded the Turkish Football Championship and the National Division, both being former top-level football competitions. The Super League is currently ranked 10th in the UEFA coefficients of leagues based on performances in European competitions over the last five years.[5] A total of 67 clubs have competed in the Süper Lig, but only five have won the title so far: Galatasaray (20), Fenerbahçe (19), Beşiktaş (15), Trabzonspor (6), and Bursaspor (1).

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